I have traveled the world extensively, experiencing many different tours and guides. What sets Kelly apart from the others is her attention to detail, friendliness, and a genuine concern for her clients. On my most recent trip with Kelly, for instance, I kept my birthday a secret. Kelly is precocious. She noticed this detail. To my delight, she had our whole tour group sing to me on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a memory I will always treasure, thanks to Kelly.
— Michelle Walker, Past Client, Author, "If You Give a Mom a Marathon"

Kelly’s personal world-wide travels along with her energetic and friendly personality make her the perfect travel guide. Her excellent athletic ability also inspire all who have the wonderful opportunity to meet her.
— Trish Hawkins, Marathoner, AZ

When I was put in charge of planning my honeymoon I went straight to FIT and I could not be happier! Kelly thought of EVERYTHING and made everything soooo easy for me. I basically didn’t have to do anything but give her some ideas of what I wanted to do and she did the rest. And trust me, this was not an easy trip to plan....... 3.5 weeks, 3 countries, different locations at each country, flights between each country, and all on the other side of the world. She did all of it including planning/booking the top things to do in each location and there wasn’t 1 problem throughout the entire trip! I swear that Kelly knows people and has connections everywhere in the world, its amazing. She made me look GREAT to my wife for planning this trip of a lifetime and I literally didn’t do anything. Every trip I plan from now on goes through FIT and I recommend that everyone I know do the same.
— Adam Wright, Honeymooner

Kelly played an important role of in my 7 continent marathon journey. She arranged a the majority of the trips and accompanied my group on three of them. Her encouragement, passion for adventure, and travel knowledge kept me coming back race after race.

I’ll never forget Kelly stepping up to run miles 20-22 of the Tokyo Marathon with me giving me the boost I needed to make it the finish line.

Start to finish, my trips with Kelly were wonderfully organized, upbeat and energetic. She created memories for me and my family that I could have never experienced on my own.
— Mike Silvio, Writer, speaker, diabetic and heart patient